Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cognos: Auto Refresh Dashboard

Recently I developed a Cognos dashboard which gets refreshed after fixed time interval automatically. This can be achieved easly by using a simple script. Here are the steps:

-Insert a HTML item with below script

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60">

-Select the query and set the "Use Local Cache" property to "No".
-Go to Cognos Connection
-Click report property and set the default action to "Run the Report" under Report tab.
-Run the report. You will see the report get refreshed after each 1 minute interval.


  1. The above technique is not working in Cognos8. Can you please elaborate.

  2. Hi Brijesh,

    I have tested this code in Cognso10. Just follow the steps and run the report from Cognos Connection. It should work.


  3. Hi Summet! this technique, is not work on Cognos10, with a report on a Prompt select, you have any idea for why?

  4. Hi,

    This code will work with the default prompt selection as it execute the report every time.

  5. This code does not work on 10.2.1

  6. hi sumeet,
    I have one question about dashboard. we developed one dashboard and we gave refresh filter button for dashboard. when I click refresh filter button on my dashboard it does not refresh dashboard directly. it goes to database connect and then refresh the dashboard. but I want dashboard refresh directly with out asking data connection. so I need java script for that. can you please give me reply as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Swathi,

      Whenever you refresh I will fetch the data from DB. It should not ask for data connection if you have only one data connection.

      It seems you have created multiple data connection withing the same data source. Disabling additional data connection will resolve your problem.


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