Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Install IBM JDK 7.0(64 bits)
1.     Login to Linux server and use below command to start the Java installation
2.     It will get installed at below location
3.     Set JAVA_HOME path

Install & Configure Cognos 10.2.1
1.     Go to the location where you have copied Cognos installation files
2.     Unzip installation file using below command
      tar –xvf bi_svr_10.2.1_l86_ml.tar.gz
3.  Run the setup
4.  A graphical interface will open. Select the components which you want to install.
5. Cognos will get installed at below location
6. Start Cognos configuration
Ø cd /opt/ibm/cognos/c10_64/bin64/
Ø ./
7. Cognos configuration window will open

 8.  Start the Cognos service. If everything got well you can test if Cognos Bi service is working using below link on web browser

Install and Configure HTTP Web Server
I am going to install IBM HTTP Server (32-bit) web server using below steps
1.     tar –xvf ihs.7000.linux.ia32.tar
2.     cd HIS
3.     ./install
4.     After installation we need to add Virtual Directory for Cognos
5.  Add Virtual Directory
6.  Start the server by using below commands
Ø cd /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin
Ø ./
 7.  You can test if web server is working using the link
8.  If everything is going well you should be able to see the Cognos home page

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  1. HI Summit,

    this is a nice blog on installation of Cognos on RHEL 6.4 .

    Instead I want to install congnos 10.2.1 on Ubuntu14.04 can you provides some information on this as well.