Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cognos: Creating Custom Login Page

We can create customized login page in Cognos. We need to create ibm1.xhtml and login.xhtml files similar to default Cognos xhtml files. After creating xhtml files follow below steps

1) Copy ibm1.xhtml to ./webcontent/ps/login
2) Copy login.xthml to ./webcontent/ps/login
3) Open ../template/ps/system.xml file and do the following changes

<logon enable="true">
<base_template_name> ibm1 </base_temdplate_name>

4) Enabling customization to work on Microsoft IIS7
    - In Internet Information Services Manager (IISM), select the Features View of your IBM Cognos   web alias, for example /c10.
    - Double-Click MIME-Types.
    - Next, select Add... in the upper right.
    - Add a new MIME type for the .xhtml extension to text/xml.
    - Press OK to save and try accessing the Login Page again.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderfull information

  2. Plz explain how to create xhtml files. Can you share the sample.

    1. There are several tools available to create xhtml files else you can refer sample xhtml files under /webcontent/ps/login/sample folder.

  3. Ifound is usefull, could you share samples