Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cognos: Creating Gantt Chart using Crosstab

Cognos do not include a Gantt chart as an available option in chart dialogs. We can achieve this by using Crosstab object. The steps below will discuss creating the Gantt chart.

1. Tables used
We are going to use following two tables
(II) Jobs
2. Create two Queries, Jobs and Minute, with all data items available in Jobs and Minute tables respectively.
3. Drag a third Query item and a Join object, which will join Minute and Jobs Query.
3. Double click Query1 and drag the data items into it.
4. Insert a Data Item called Range with following expression

5. Insert a filter to it with following condition:

[JOB] NOR Null

6. Insert a Crosstab object, Select the Query as Query1
7. Insert the data items into crosstab.
8. Sort the MIN column in ascending order.
9. Run the report, you can see the output
10.  Insert a Boolean Variable with following expression


11. Select Crosstab Intersection, Go to Condition Expression, Select Yes under Boolean Variable
12. Select Style Variable Property as Boolean1, Select Background and foreground color
13. After saving and Running the Report, You can see the following Gantt chart


  1. Very innovative post

  2. I didn'nt know if this was possible in Cognos. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post.

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